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About Us

Brand Mender – A Digital Marketing Agency with a Difference

With so many digital marketing companies mushrooming today why consider starting another one? Because team Brand Mender believes in guiding the businesses from a digital perspective and achieving the goals at the most feasible costs possible. We believe in good old honest hard work and ingenuity to devise strategies to help you reach your objectives without bleeding your company dry.

Our Success Strategy

We adhere to a 6 step rule to excel in what we do.


A deep dive into the requirements and issues as well as understanding the market dynamics and customer persona.


Plan out a strategy as per the study and research to achieve the objectives with our expertise and digital prowess.


Execute the strategized plan to perfection to ensure that the desired results are achieved with least expenses.


Take accurate measurement for further analysis as no strategy and execution is complete without measuring the outcome.


Once sufficient data has been collected, analysis begins and areas where further improvements can be made are highlighted.


Based on the analysis, we move back to step one to ensure that we’ve mastered all aspects of the plan to achieve perfection.

Our Services

We have what you need to launch and grow your brand digitally.

The internet has forever changed the way businesses, big and small, market their products and provide services to their clientele. Working with technology and promoting your business online is what we do every day of our lives and it’s what we excel at.

Our services are split into two main categories.

Digital Marketing Services

We not only focus on you as a customer, but also on your needs and those of your customers. We create, enhance and maintain your digital presence to help you reach out to the right kind of audience with the right message. And we do this by using the best digital marketing practices that have stood the test of time along with keeping up with innovative solutions that can outfox your competitors.

Social Media Marketing

We love social media! We plan and execute every aspect of your social media marketing strategy carefully and make sure your social media presence stands tall and noted – be it through organic or paid social media promotions. Our thinking-hats are always on, even beyond our working hours just to create that one loved, shared, re-tweeted, re-posted, viral post of yours!

Search Engine Marketing

Looking for quick results in the search engine? Let us help you. We’re a team of unabashed search engine marketing experts who can help you increase your website exposure, get more clicks to your web pages, and convert more leads into sales.

Search Engine Optimization

Our SEO experts are constantly looking for ways to enhance your search presence on Google and other search engines. Whether it is Google Panda, Penguin or Hummingbird we’re always on top of things adopting the best methods for SEO of your brand.

Content Marketing

Our forte is not only in creating high value content that speaks directly to your audience but also in creating high research authentic content that genuinely answers your customers’ doubts. Our content is also SEO optimized making it easier for your customers to find you when they need you.

Online Reputation Management

We utilize a whole host of tools, applications, strategies that we have formulated over years of working with some of the biggest brands. Even if you feel your online reputation is beyond repair, we work tirelessly to come up with solutions to ensure that you’re seen only in the most positive of lights.

Brand Re-Engineering

We specialize in customer psychology, understanding what helps them tick and the reason for their decision making. We take this knowledge add it to our business nuances and craft a brand strategy for your company that works.

Web Technology Services

We are a team of design and technology nerds! We take a lot of care to make sure that the website we design is in line with the customer expectations and understanding. We ensure all factors are considered before we design and deliver.

Web Development

Your web development should be done keeping your customers’ needs first and foremost. And we help you do just that from a single web page development to more complex e-commerce and custom web development.

Web Design

Looking to have your brand-new website designed or need to revamp your existing website? You can count on us! Our team of web designers are proficient in building a whole host of web design that we guarantee you and your customers will love!

Usability Services (UI/UX)

Our overall strategy for usability services is to research, test, implement, analyse, and correct. Our design-centric approach makes us an ideal choice for any company looking for a user-friendly development process.

Graphic Design

Working with some amazing art house companies, our team of graphic design artists have the expertise to work on all forms of artwork from static images to 2D and 3D animations.

Mobile App Development

We know what it takes to develop the right kind of app for your business. Our global app solution services are creatively crafted leaving you with no chance of complaining! Our team of experts are constantly on their toes to develop a flawless, bug-free app for your business.

Our Team

We began small with a dream to go big! And with our loyalty to our work ethics and good old fashion hard-work, we shall get there some day.

Jaspreet Kaur Khalsa

With more than 6 years of digital marketing experience at the top-level, Jaspreet has worked for several national and multinational conglomerates. A hard-core digital marketing professional, her expertise in the field and sincerity in her work has been winning the trust of all her clients since she embarked on her journey. A techno sage, her hands-on experience & deftness is what has led her to set-up her own agency to provide digital and web services to those who need it.

Gopa Patwari

Gopa began her digital marketing journey in 2011 when she was hired to write content for several tourism websites in North East India. From there began a love affair with digital that ultimately culminated with a solid relationship with Social Media Marketing. Gopa is a savant at Social Media Marketing knowing the ins and outs of social media marketing channels and with a penchant for creating content that’s relatable and engaging. She’s the go-to social media and content marketing person at Brand Mender.

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